Music at the Palazzo!

I’d like to invite you to a concert at our home here in Maine.  Jill and I now live in a house which has its own concert hall! Perhaps the word “hall” is overstating it just a little bit; we’re not talking Carnegie North here, but it is truly a lovely place to listen to fine music.

The Palazzo; great music, up-close and personal
The Palazzo; great music, up-close and personal.

In fact it’s better than Carnegie Hall in some ways. There is only seating for about 50 people, which makes it a truly intimate listening experience. You can hear absolutely everything and be close to the musicians as they create. And having played in Carnegie Hall myself, I can guarantee you that, like Carnegie Hall, the music you’ll hear is of the very highest quality. It’s an elegant room, with a stage, theater lighting, and a brand-new very high-tech piano which I just love. And, unlike Carnegie Hall, no traffic or parking problems at the Palazzo. Just drive up and come inside! And after the concert, we always either have a reception with drinks and snacks, or else a full-on potluck supper. Everyone hangs out and has a fine old time. Try doing THAT at Carnegie Hall!

I call our house the “Palazzo” because it was built by a wealthy Italian man and has a distinctive Euro flair to it. I can’t believe we live in it, but that’s a whole other story, which I can tell you at one of the potlucks if you come.

Palazzo concerts take place about once a month, sometimes more frequently, sometimes less, depending on which musicians are around. After many decades as a musician, I have a lot of unbelievably talented friends from all over the world. Whenever they get within striking distance of Maine, we play a concert together. The energy in the room, onstage and off, is gloriously positive.

I know that most of you live a long long way from Maine, and that the chances of your coming to a concert at our house are not particularly high. But you never know. If you would like to be on the email list for Palazzo concert announcements, we’d be very happy to let you know whenever they occur. Just sign up below. If not, you can just check the website from time to time to find out what the next concert is. In any case, if you could ever make it up here to a “Music at the Palazzo” concert, you’ll be enchanted. They’re really fun.

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