Prospect Harbor, Maine


August 29, 2019    
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Oceanside Meadows Institute for the Arts and Sciences
202 Corea Rd., Prospect Harbor, Maine

I hope you can come to this interesting and delightful concert. Oceanside Meadows is a uniquely beautiful place where I have performed many times. On a summer night when the doors of the concert room are open you can sometimes hear the slow soft rhythm of the gentle ocean waves right across the road. It’s a sublime place, run by a sublime and most interesting family. Just meeting them is worth the trip!
However, if you can make it to this concert you’ll also get to hear me playing a number of solo pieces, and then joining forces with the formidable flutist Deirdre McArdle, who is, among many other things, the Artistic Director and Founder of the Winter Harbor Music Festival, which annually presents an astonishing bouquet of chamber musicians to their audiences at Oceanside Meadows. We’ll play some pieces of mine, and a piece or two that I KNOW you haven’t heard before. It will be an enjoyable and a thought-provoking concert. Come check us out!

For tickets and information: Oceanside Meadows