Paul Sullivan 101: A Live Interview Onstage


September 20, 2018    
7:00 pm


Lincoln Theater
2 Theater Street, Damariscotta, ME, 04543

Everything you always wanted to know about Paul Sullivan, plus a whole lot more!

Please join me for a live onstage interview (not a concert) with fellow Maine musician and host Aaron Robinson, who will interview me in surprising depth for an hour or so as part of his “Talking Music in Maine, Intimate Conversations” series at the Lincoln Theater in Damariscotta.

Aaron is a very insightful and thorough interviewer, and he has the gift of being able to draw out the best in his guests. We’ll discuss everything from my musical origins to what it was like to go on tour via the Trans Siberian Railway, and who knows what else. In fact, I really have NO idea what we’ll discuss, but I do know that there will be some funny musician stories–I’ve got plenty of those!

So if you’ve nothing better to do on that evening, come around to the Lincoln Theater and find out everything you’ve been dying to know about one of your favorite musicians. And in case you don’t learn enough from Aaron’s questions, there will also be an audience Q. and A. as well.

And if THAT isn’t enough to lure you in, how about this: It’s FREE!!
For further information, call the theater at (207) 563-3424

Come on over and we’ll have some fun.

Your musician friend,